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Academic Profile

Hannah graduated from her PhD from Western Sydney University in September 2014. She is currently researching in several fields including musicoliterary theory and the changing role of character, music and setting in long-form television dramas. Hannah is a casual academic in  at the University of Notre Dame Australia, where she teaches academic writing and creative writing. 

Hannah's PhD comprised of a two-part thesis that examined the representation of jazz musicians and violence through a critical study and a novel, ‘Swing’. Three key areas are common to both parts: the relationship between violence and music; the novel as an exploration of jazz; and the characterisation of the jazz life. I argue that novels about jazz musicians frequently include some violence in one or more of three forms: systemic violence; intimate violence; and performative violence. In addition, the representation of violence through performance has the capacity to simultaneously reflect the history of the performer, and highlight the musicians’ potential to create new sounds through the destruction of conventional ideas.


  • Doctor of Philosophy - Western Sydney University

  • Master of Creative Writing - University of Sydney

  • Bachelor of Arts (English Honours) - University of Sydney

  • Graduate Certificate Editing and Publishing - University of Technology Sydney

Book Reviews

Justine Ettler, Bohemia Beach review. Southerly: Violence, Vol.78, No.3 2019. Sydney, Australia 


Michael Sala, The Restorer review. Southerly: Mixed Messages, Vol.77, No.3, 2018. Sydney, Australia 


Emily Maguire An Isolated Incident review, Southerly:Words and Music, Vol 76, No.1, 2016. Sydney, Australia. 

Academic Publication

Ianniello, Hannah & Ianniello, Marco.
'Pedagogy-Led Practice and Practice-Led Pedagogy: A feedback loop of teaching and screenwriting'

Palgrave Handbook of Script Development, 2022.

Read it here.

Academic Publication

Ianniello, Hannah. ‘Constraining the (Im)possible: Improvisation and Violence in Rafi Zabor’s The Bear Comes Home’ 

eds A.S.CohenMiller & Kurt Depner. Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy Vol.5 No.2 June 2018

Academic Publication

Ianniello, Hannah. ‘Violence in Narratives about Jazz Musicians: Performative Violence in Michael Ondaatje’s Coming Through Slaughter

M. Dunkel, E. Petermann and B. Sauerwald eds. Time and Space in Words and Music, Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2012. 125-136. 

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